With an area of 54 square meters, the Chinese booth has six zones: modern China, traditional culture, Chinese literature, humanities & social sciences, children’s books and langue learning. These zones will present 500 fine Chinese and English books of nearly 400 titles. A collection of modern China books which showcase China’s remarkable achievements in fields such as politics, economy, culture and society since the beginning of China’s reform and opening-up, such as Xi Jinping: The Governance of China, One Belt and One Road: Challenges and Opportunities, will be put on display to open an important window through which the people in Indonesia find out the development situation of China and perceive Chinese culture. Participating in international book fairs is an important way for the globalization of “Chinese publication”. Indonesia international book fair is the third stop of China one belt one road show project in 2017. The Chinese publication delegation has made full preparation for the fair, has made appointments with publishing institutions in Indonesia to negotiate during the fair, and held a event about Beijing international book fair.

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